Tuesday, February 19

Happy Birthday Madeline!

It's hard to believe that Madeline turns 4 today. Madeline was due on March 19, 2009 but, instead I was induced due to hypertension. Madeline graced our world on February 19, 2009 (exactly one  month before her original due date)  just as Jack was leaving on deployment for 6 months with the US Navy.

Daddy got to hold his daughter before deploying that day.

24 hours later, Madeline was rushed by ambulance to the NICU at the local childrens hospital.
She had an abdominal obstruction which required emergency surgery. Jack was flown home and a few weeks later we learned that Madeline had Cystic Fibrois

Madeline stayed in the NICU for a month. We finally got to take our baby home.
Madeline left the NICU and came home for the first time ever on her orginal due date
March 19, 2009 (one month from when she was born.) This was our last day at the NICU.

                                                       1st Birthday- Thriving and chubby!

                                                         2nd Birthday- Stronger and bigger!

                                                            3rd Birthday- So happy!

                                                                    4th Birthday! -So grown up!


And today we are in awe of our strong little girl. It's hard to believe that 4 years ago she was so tiny (3rd percentile) and went through so much. She was become such a happy, healthy, and sweet little girl.
We are so grateful for each birthday celebration and the many more to come....

Happy Birthday Madeline!                                                 


  1. Happy birthday Madeline!! Have a wonderful day sweetheart.

    She's grown into such a beautiful little girl :)
    Keep kicking CFs butt!!


  2. I loved reading about your beautiful girl! She is just perfect!



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