Madeline's Parents


Well this is US. We are Madeline's parents and found out shortly after this picture was taken that a little baby was brewing inside my belly.

His name is Jack...

He is a patient father, a brother to a family of 5, and a thoughtful listener. And of course...he is my husband.
His real name is John but no one would ever know that because he has been called Jack since he was an infant. He served over 12 years in the US Navy as a submariner and became Lt. Cmdr before he left the navy to transition into the civilian world so he could be there more for his family. He now works as a defense contracting company near DC, and works directly with the US Navy.  Jack has great enthusiam for life and stays postitive through most of life's worst circumstances. He has a love for sailing and spent much of his bachelor years living aboard a 40 foot sailboat that was docked in Annapolis, MD. Which is where he
met me.....

This is Sandy...

That's me!

I am a sister to my younger brother, a former elementary teacher, and a mommy of Madeline. I graduated from college with a bachelors and masters in elementary education. I started my first teaching job in Prince George's County, Md where I taught 2nd grade. I met Jack those 4 years I stayed in Maryland. We met on
"Eharmony" as silly as it sounds and had our first date at Friendly's. We became friends quickly but didn't start dating til months later. By 2006 we were married.