Thursday, September 6

New Accessory

Our new "accessory" for the ipad that works perfectly for any young person with a nebulizer....

Jack and I both have ipads. We got them for Christmas in December of 2011. And ever since we got them, Madeline always wants them. The are a great tool to help make her treatment times easier every day. Because what child doesn't want to use an Ipad these days?!

We usually let Madeline use one of our ipads during her evening treatment. She runs to the chair and patiently waits for someone to bring the ipad. She actually asks to do all of her nebulizers because she knows she gets to play the ipad. It's a great sight- to see your child WANTING to do her nebulizers.

It's helped turn the nearly hour and a half into of sitting (and holding) the nebulizers into a fun time.
She loves holding her own nebulizers and insists that no one else do it except her.

This was great until the nebulizers started looking like this while doing the ipad.....

See the huge gap between the mask and her face? The medication was going out....

(***We have tried the bubbles the fish mask with straps...but personally didn't like all the medication that came quickly out of all the big holes. Plus, the fact that that mask cannot be sterilized to our liking and she LOVES to hold her own nebulizer- A very positive thing we want to continue!)

What about this one....

Notice her nebulizer is angled down so the medicine in the neb cup cannot be administered as well (or inhaled).

So, we starting researching alternatives and this is what we bought-

A Targus Lap Desk that provides an upright angle for using the ipad! Check it out here!

And it really helped Madeline hold her own nebulizer (correctly) and have the ipad in a perfect view!

Check out the after photos-

The nebulizer is more upright and she doesn't have to look down to view the ipad.

We did have to put a normal lap desk underneath since she needed more height to view the ipad correctly. Otherwise, it has solved a big problem.

We hope by sharing this that some other CF family can benefit from this handy accessory during treatment time!

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  1. This is a great tip Sandy! I have often wondered about sterilizing the Bubbles mask properly. We use the mask setup for Maysa like Madeline is using. Right now we put a Baby Einstein DVD on my laptop for her, but I can see in the future the IPad becoming popular... this is a great tip.
    Such a cutie...


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