Wednesday, June 27

Clinic Check-up and Culture Results

Madeline recently had her 3 month CF clinic check up in Baltimore, MD at Hopkins. We were very excited to see one of the doctors there that we haven't seen lately. He has followed us through most of our struggles with Pseudo. (Click here if you haven't been following us to catch up on the Pseudo journey.) He is a very patient doctor and takes his time with Madeline. Madeline reacts well to him even though at times she is very fearful of most doctors and hospital settings.

Waiting to be seen..

After listening to her lungs, checking her ears, and swabbing her throat(for a culture)she had a very good check up. Her lungs sounded clear and her stats this visit were very good. We were very pleased with her good weight gain.

Weight  = 37.5   (88 %)
Height = 39 inches (89%)
BMI = 75%

Practicing blowing techniques with Ms. Karen

Usually most CF clinics aim to have their children have a BMI of 50% or greater. This is often difficult with tall children since BMI is an average of height and weight. Madeline's height always tends to make her BMI lower. But this time we were very happy with that HIGH percentage. You can totally see the fat rolls on her wrists and chub in her checks. I want to kiss those fat rolls....

We also met with PT (Physical Therapy) for some practice breathing sessions. Madeline is still a little young to use a mouthpiece on her nebulizers (instead we use a mask) but that doesn't mean that we don't "practice"
blowing techniques and inhaling techniques to prepare. Once Madeline is 6, she will begin to also do PFT (Pulmonary Function Tests). These tests require her to blow (correctly) and measure how well the lungs take in and release air. It's essential for CF patients since low PFT numbers typically indicate that the lungs are not doing well (aka. their could be an infection brewing or another problem.) Doctors use PFT numbers as a well to gauge lung health overall. I am just glad we have a few years before we take this on....

We also got a follow up call that Madeline is still colonizing Pseudo (believed to still be in her nasal passages). The culture's severity has not changed in the past 2 years (which is great news) but it's always a bummer to hear that that monster is still living in there and not ready to just. give. it. up. Her culture still shows VERY LIGHT growth of pseudo...which is really the best case scenario and she continues to be non-symptomatic. Nothing else grew on her culture swab and that is wonderful! All of these things we are so very thankful for.....

So, for now our family is very thankful for Madeline's continued health. We continue to count all the positives in this journey! Thanks for keeping up with us....

Eating her "prized bag" of Skittles as a reward for a great visit at the doctor!
Madeline's new love is SKITTLES!

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