Monday, June 18

More Shakes...

If you haven't read about "My Super Shake Challenge" you can check it out here.

We tried another new shake below....

Peaches N' Cream

4 oz.of Vanilla Boost Essentials (Any high cal shake works OR ice cream!)                                                 
6 oz. yogurt (I used lactose free but any will do)                        
1 (4oz) container of diced peaches (snack size)
1/2 packet of splenda (optional- to make it sweeter)
8-10 ice cubes

417 calories/ 9.5 grams of fat (with fiber!)

Combine all ingredients together using a blender and serve. (Makes 10 ounces)

Madeline wasn't too excited about this shake.
I thought it tasted very fresh (especially if you like peaches!).

Peaches n' Cream

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