Monday, July 30

May-kup please....

I always dreamed of having a little girl before I became pregnant with Madeline. I always liked pink, ruffles, and the girly things in life growing up. I always hoped that my little girl would appreciate those things.....and boy does she!

She loves nail polish, ballet class, bows while still enjoying soccer, trucks, and running. She is the perfect combination an all around girl and I love her so much. She has great enthusiasm for (MOST) anything in life. Her face lights up, she jumps around, and squeals in delight when she is shown something new whether it be a sport, toy, or something outside. Today was no different....

Play makeup.

Every morning Madeline asks (as I am getting ready for our day):"What are you doing Mama?"

Usually I am brushing my teeth, washing my face and applying some kind of cover up to my baggy eyes.

The simplest answer is always. " I am putting my make-up on."

And since telling her this daily, she has taken it upon herself to find make-up.

She rushes into the bedroom locates the nearest lipstick/chap stick and smears is all over her lips as many times as possible. She proudly marches up to me and says:

"I'm puttin my may-kup on, Mama!"

I realized after a few days that she was merely eating the chap stick since her lips were slathered to the nines with lip balm. It wasn't the right answer.....

And after some serious thinking and doubts about whether this was the right answer, I gleefully clicked the one-click amazon button for some "Mini Play Make-Up."

I was wondering if this was a "good" move for my nearly 3 year old.

It arrived today and we were able to put our "makeup on together."

She adores being a "mini-me" and going through the motions of mama's morning routine.

Even though....I cannot remember the last time I wore eyeshadow!
(but it  clearly doesn't matter. )

She has her own mess-free, non-marking makeup set for pretend play (looks real!)

And, I enjoy watching Madeline marvel in the "girly" stuff just like I had imagined.

(Daddy even gets to have make up.....)

***In no way am I endorsing this play make-up- just the idea that my 3 year old girl can "pretend play"
safely. You can read about it here: Play Make Up

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