Tuesday, November 1

Life in Pictures: Madeline @ 32 months...

We call this the "pajama bag lady look " for a princess
All created by M herself....

....because EVERY princess needs a horse (even if it is daddy!)

Pediasure (in a cup) and a chocolate chip cookie for breakast?! I think so.
My little girl LOVES cookies and I LOVE that they provide lots of FAT for her body!

Love my cookies....a true cookie monster!


  1. LOVE these pics, she's so pretty Sandy :)
    Loving the cookie loving too, anything to get those calories in!

    Hope M is doing good healthwise right now?
    Take care guys!

  2. I love her owl pj set! so cute!

  3. Hehehe. Yes, we've allowed things like cookies for breakfast on occasion. ;-) Madeline is darling as always.

  4. The "pajama bag lady look" - LOVE it!!! :)


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