Wednesday, April 13

Toddler Bed- Night #1

Well we made it through Madeline's first night in her toddler bed. I think mom was more anxious about it than she was. In fact, once Jack converted the crib into the toddler bed Madeline walked right up to it and acted like she knew how to get into the covers.. She climbed in and did this completely on her own....

It's almost as if Madeline was just waiting to tell us, "Convert that crib because I am going bounce right out of there soon if you don't..."  I was a little skeptical how the night would go when she knew it was actually time to go to sleep. Liking the new bed and thinking it is cool is one thing....but how would she do later when we all wanted to sleep?

So, we decided to get her ready for bed and go through her nightly routine. After Jack spent the whole night securing tables and dressers to the wall, attaching a baby gate to her bedroom doorway, and countless other safety features....we were ready to test out how the new toddler bed would work for Madeline.

We let her gather some toys and she....

played, and rearranged.... The night grew later but she never tried  to leave the bed. I had a long talk with Madeline when I told her goodnight about how we stay in our bed because it was "night night time." I thought I was crazy believing that any of this would work talk or no talk but...

As she continued to play and wear herself out she grew tired and REMAINED in the crib. Jack and I purchased this super high tech video monitor that allows you to pan the room using a touch screen tied to camera. I would highly recommend this camera to any parent that lays in awake bed at night checking on their child until they fall asleep. I cannot sleep until I know she is out. This was so worth the big bucks that we paid. The manufactures even compare the video screen to an iphone- it's just that cool to touch and activate.You can read about it here. We purchased ours at Target. This video/monitor helped us keep an eye on her because we were unsure how we felt about letting those side rails down. I mean how would she do?

She fell asleep! We didn't have do anything! She stayed up for quite some time in her room and I continued to check on her by stopping by. We were simply stunned by how incredibly big and brave she was. This morning I woke up to my new video monitor showing my little girl asleep in her bed not her crib. It was clearly evident that she was so ready for a bed.

Now, if I can just wrap my mind around the idea that she is  growing up sooooo fast!


  1. Way to go pretty girl!! She looks so cute getting into bed. Our little babes are growing up way to fast. Bittersweet!


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