Thursday, April 7

Salt Air Therapy...

I can feel all the weight lifting off my shoulders as I begin packing for our weekend trip to the Delaware Beaches. Dewey Beach, DE is my 2nd home, the place where I was married, the place that I lived and worked through high school and college summers. Jack and I have shared memories since we were married there and, it has become our place of relaxation. Growing up, my grandparents owned a house on the beach and after I entered high school my parents ending up buying their own vacation home here too.

Dewey Beach, De
 We are packing up early, throwing all of those inhaled meds/nebulizers in the car and leaving mid-day friday to catch a breath of the fresh, salt air. As most parents of cfer's know, packing is a very cumbersome task as we have to haul enzymes, vests, nebulizers, refrigerator meds, and so much more than the average family would not need to pack for a weekend trip. But really, none of this matters.

All that matters is that the three of us can focus on being a family, separating ourselves from chores around the house, and enjoy the place that makes us all relax a little more. It's been a busy and stressful few weeks since we got Madeline's positive culture results back. We are hoping that these few days gives us a break from thinking about the stresses that CF has recently brought to our family.


There will be walks on the beach. We will eat some of the greasiest pizza and french fries on boardwalk.
We will not be logging on to facebook or blogger (how will I make it?!) since internet is not available at the house there. Our life will be simplier for those few days and I am convinced it will make all the difference in the world.

We will get to watch Madeline squeal with delight and rush towards the water. She loves the water and the ocean. We will get to enjoy. We will get to enjoy each other.

Memories will be made. CF worries left behind.

Beach, here we come.

Updates and more posts next week everyone. Have a great weekend....


  1. I hate CF packing, it's so much! Beautiful pictures and cute suit. Hoping the salty air helps to clear up that pseudo :)

  2. OOOOO I want to go I love the beach and I get none of that in Wyoming. Have a great time!!!

  3. Hope you had a great vacation!

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