Sunday, April 10

Beach Life

The stresses are lifted. I feel free again. I left my worries behind in Virginia. Suddenly this salt air hit me and ,I feel totally rejuvenated. It is amazing. The beach always lives up to my expectations. The expectation that I will feel happy because this is the place that allows me to feel comfortable, relaxed, and worry free. I feel like I have broken free. I think all 3 of us feel like we are free...

Madeline running to the beach...

We have settled  into this "beach life" the past day and a half. I feel so grateful to have parents who decided to share this beach life with their children. Coming back to the beach always brings back such great family memories. I cannot imagine a life without summer salt air...

So happy to be on the boardwalk...

We have eaten the greasiest pizza and nibbled on the crispiest boardwalk fries. We have chased Madeline up and down the boardwalk. We have shopped the outlets and eaten at some of the best restaurants. We have laughed and we have talked. We have enjoyed each other. And it has been just what WE needed.

We have watched Madeline squeal with delight at the sight of the ocean. We have watched her run crazily up and down the boardwalk sometimes wondering if we will ever catch up to her.

Enjoying a walk with daddy.

We have watched more movies in the past 2 days on the couch than we have in the last 6 months.
We have finally allowed ourselves to relax. We are smiling again.

No house chores. No unpacking more moving boxes. No home improvement projects. No endless laundry.

New boardwalk toy!

It's true. We have been taking all of our minutes and using the time we have to overwork ourselves around our new house. We have been taking all of our worries about Madeline's health and taking it out on each other. We have truly not allowed ourselves to take a break.

And sometimes just running away from it is exactly what we need.....


  1. So glad you are having such a great time! I have to say that we live at the beach, literally within walking/bike riding distance and watching AIdan on the beach and in the ocean gives me such a sense of peace. First, because it's soooo good for him and second, it just reminds me that there is something out there much bigger than CF that is watching over him. He LOVES riding in the waves and I get such a kick watching him do it. Enjoy this time away--it's the best therapy I can think of! Megan

  2. Wow looks like you had a great time, just what the doctor ordered!
    I can't pick a favourite picture as they are fab, M is rocking those shades :) she seems to be getting bigger all the time too, it's scary looking at everyones blogs. All our kiddos are growing up and so fast!

    Ian and I cherish our time away from it all but we have to wait until end of may for our first proper get away, I cannot wait!!

    And yay for smiling again, we all stress way too much :)
    Take care xx


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