Saturday, February 19

Happy 2nd Birthday Madeline: Look how much you have grown!

Two years ago Madeline Ann Long came into our world. From her birth til she was 2 months she never left
the hospital. She came into this world a fighter having emergency bowel obstruction surgery at only a few days old and a LONG NICU stay. She battled an early Staph (lung) infection in the hospital in her lungs at 2 months  followed by the Roto Virus.

She fought through the first few month of her life, and gained so much strength. She started in the 3rd percentile at only 6lbs, 10 ounces and in the last few years has slowly created a steady climb up the growth chart.

Today we celebrate all the obstacles she has overcome, all the strength and courage she has shown, and all
the love we feel for our little girl. She is and always will be our little fighter. We are so proud of her!

Look at Madeline grow...

Before Madeline...

all cleaned up in Daddy's arms

3 of us together for a few hours, then Daddy was deployed

NICU for intestinal blockage and later STAPH infection....
Came home at 2.5 months to see the outside world for the first time.

3rd percentile, 21 inches tall

Sooo tiny

3 months, 10th percentile
22.5 inches


5 months, 25th percentile
24 inches

6 months, 50th percentile
25.5 inches

9 months, 75th percentile
28 inches
Look at my fat rolls?!

12 months, 80th percentile
29.5 inches tall

19 months, 86th percentile
33.5 inches tall


23 months, 82nd percentile
35 inches tall

Happy 2nd Birthday Madeline!


  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful!! Loved the time line of photos. :)

  2. Happy birthday madeline!!!

    Love the photos, it's amazing how quickly they stop being babies :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day xxx


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