Tuesday, February 22

2nd Birthday in Boxes!

It's been a busy but, good few days.

So we had a great "moving in our new house" weekend along with celebrating Madeline's 2nd birthday.  My parents were able to come up for the weekend and help the unpacking go a lot faster. I am very grateful for all their help. We are still unfolding boxes but the house is looking more and more "lived in!"

The movers came on Friday and moved all of our things to our new house. On Saturday we sifted through boxes while trying to celebrate Madeline's 2nd birthday. It wasn't a very big celebration but, Madeline didn't know the difference. We celebrated the move and her birthday all in one night.

Here are some of the few photos we were able to take in between unpacking the house.

Checking out the cake!

Madeline meets her "be-be" (baby).

My mom made this incredible cake!
Stickers everywhere!


  1. Wow that cake is amazing!!! So glad the move has gone well and can't wait to see more pictures of your awesome new house.

    Madeline is as cute as ever! She looks like she had a blast, how has she taken to the new house?


  2. So fun! Happy Birthday Madeline! LOVE the doll! Wish I could come play! :)

  3. Wow does your mom want to make a Tinkerbell cake for Zoey and ship it here!!! :)

  4. Kudos to your mom on the cake. It's wonderful! I want some now please. ;) I love M's serious face checking out that cake. Too cute. How is the move going? Glad you had some helpers. Makes a world of difference to have extra hands. Hugs!


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