Monday, February 28

Bike Ride

It's been a crazy (but good) busy two weeks of getting settled in our new house. My blogging has slowed a little and will pick back up in a few weeks after we are even more settled. We did however, walk around the neighborhood yesterday while Madeline took her first shot at riding her new tricycle she got for her birthday. DC had temperatures in the mid 60's on Sunday which was a great break.

She really got the hang of it as we walked, met some neighbors ,and enjoyed the luxuries of having a neighborhood to walk around in again. It felt great all around.

Here is my little super star....

How do these pedals work?

I got it!


  1. My mom is getting Zoey one of those for her birthday. We are getting her a bed.

  2. Those pictures are brilliant! I love her bike. Glad you are settling in well and can't wait to see more pics.



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