Wednesday, February 16

Good Shower Head For Cleaning....

Ondine 4-inch Brass Rainmaker Shower Head in Chrome

We ordered 4 new shower heads a few weeks ago that I was skeptical about.
They are made by Ondine and are 4 inches in diameter. They have an all brass construction and a removable face that allows you to clean the shower head better. All these features were HUGE since we were trying to find a metal one that would attract less Pseudo over time. (It's been shown that metal shower heads hold less of the bacteria because they have a harder time adhering to the metal.)

The actual individual water nozzles are made of brass too which is a great thing. We looked everywhere to find some that were not made of the usual rubber. I am very excited to try out these new shower heads to see how they feel in the shower, and test out their easy cleaning ability.

If you need affordable shower heads that are all metal you  can check out this site.


  1. Wow, cool we need new shower heads. Thanks for the Valentine cute picture of Madeline.

  2. Very cool Sandy. Thanks for posting the link because we have definitely been looking to switch ours out. I'm convinced they are covered in Pseudo even when we soak them in bleach. ;)

  3. I learn something every time I read your blog! Do you have 4 bathrooms in the new house?


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