Friday, November 5

Whirlwind Week

Wow, what a whirlwind kind of week it has been. I don't even know where to start?! Last week, Madeline came down with a slight cough. I wasn't too worried until Friday afternoon her energy levels were close to none. That is ODD for Madeline not to be running around, jumping on the couch, pulling every toy out of her toybox. Instead, she would cry to get up and lay in our arms unmoving for long amounts of time. So, on Friday I called the CF clinic at Hopkins only to find out that they were done for the day at 3:30pm. So after another call to the "on call"
pediatric pulmonologist at Hopkins....they decided to put her on Augmentin. We were told to call the clinic on Wednesday (which was this week) and give updates since they may want us to bring her in if the cough doesn't improve.

So after a Halloween weekend at my parents house, Madeline was pretty out of it. She hardly ate. I was beyond worried that this was "going to be the time" where she was getting sick sick! Wednesday came and still a cough. Infact, this cough was getting WORSE. After a dreaded call to the clinic..they asked me to take her to the Ped. office on Thursday to listen to her lungs. Signs of wheezing? If things didn't improve we were set to go to Hopkins today (being Friday). Not to mention that they wanted her to have abuterol (inhaled med) every 4 hours throughout this. I realized how spoiled I was this week with usually only doing 2 treatments a day....doubling it to 4 was exhausting....

The pediatrician saw a VERY RED throat and heard no signs of wheezing. I called the clinic back yesterday and everyone agreed it was most likely a virus since the strep test came back negative. So. we were to wait it out, continue talking Augmentin....(adding in Culturelle since she was having horrible loose stools) and call if it gets worse. Hopkins will check in next week.

Waiting at the Pediatrician
So in a nutshell. It has been draining..and this is when I know I have "forgotten" what my child has CF. ...a life threatening diease. Because really these kind of "scares" are just common in the CF world. But Madeline has been maintaining great health for awhile now. It's these moments that makes us all wash our hands a little longer, take her out to do errands a little less, and be thankful for continued great health. I hate CF and I hate these "wake up calls."

In all she seems better. The cough is nearly gone, Her appetite is up and wow, the energy is rarring to go! On Wednesday I took her to our "vacant or nearly abadoned mall" for some running. Anything to work up those lungs ...and get that stuff out. Wow, she is getting FAST.

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