Monday, November 1

Halloween @ 21 months!

Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Madeline came down with a slight cough over the weekend. We think it may be related to an ear infection. But just to take some precautions on those precious lungs, we dialed up the J.Hopkins CF Clinic on Friday afternoon and her doctor called in some high powered antibotics. We have no reason to believe that this won't clear her up. Since Friday she has NO cough but is very tired. Being tired and sleeping a lot IS NOT a good way to describe Madeline. She is always full of energy. So, we are taking this week slow and were able to participate in some trick-or-treating this weekend.

We drove to Richmond, VA to visit with my parents. My mom has always made my brother and my costume since we were little ones. The tradition didn't stop at us either- Mom made Madeline's costume this year. We picked the princess motif becasue we thought we could get extra dress up usage out of it in a few years. Madeline loved the glow in the dark wand the best. The costume far exceeded my expectations. As usual, Mom did an awesome job...with great attention to detail.

Madeline made it to a few houses before becoming very scared by strangers that answered the doors. It was fun and eventful. Really, just what we all had hoped for ...for Madeline's 1st time trick-or-treating!

Costume maker (mom) and my princess!

Me and My Princess <3

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