Tuesday, November 9

Imagination Movers LIVE

Well, if you haven't heard about the acclaimed IMAGINATION MOVERS you may just be "out of the loop" or not have a child under 5! This is one of Madeline's favorite shows on the Disney Channel. Between all of her inhaled treatments, TV is very important to her and ANY cf child. So much of that time is spent with medical stuff..and what way to make it better than some good TV to pass the time.

Imagination Movers...

Jack and I actually like the show which is really important considering we have to usually watch it along with Madeline. Especially since we are the ones giving her the treatments. They are made up of 4 guys who use music (rock and catchy tunes through singing and playing instruments) to solve their problems in the "warehouse". They use their imagination and work through problems they encounter by others that need their help. Their music is catchy and many say it is  "prized by many parents for non-condescending lyrics and music that evokes the Beastie Boys or Red Hot Chili Peppers."

So,what is there really not to like?

The funniest part is that Jack and I find ourselves singing with the songs, talking about the shows as we watch them, and laughing along with the 4 movers jokes (yes, they are funny too!) So, really I think maybe all of us are excited for this opportunity to see them LIVE....

THE BAD PART: we have to wait to May to see them.

THE GOOD PART: We are only 14 rows back from the stage and are in the center! WOW!

So, check them out here!

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  1. FUN!!! We are a Disney Channel watching family too for the same reasons you are. It's actually on Timmy Time right now since Bryce is "beat boxing" it. ;)

    I'm tempted to buy tickets to the Movers as well...my friend bought tickets yesterday and I must admit I am a little envious. My house things have changed over the years. Lol. M is going to LOVE it and I betting mom and dad will too!


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