Wednesday, November 10

A Dose of Salt Air

So this Monday, Madeline and I gathered our belongings and hit the road for the Delaware Beaches. Jack was heading on a business trip to Orlando, Florida for the week. We met my parents at their beach house to take the edge off the week away from Daddy.

It was a great thing. Madeline's cough was starting to improve and just the smell of salt air seems to heal all wounds. This place is such a comfort for all of us. I worked here every summer for 6 years. My grandmother lived here. My parents bought a house here when I was 14. I got married here. This is home to me. This is where I feel the greatest.

Madeline is starting to get the same feelings. She loves the beach and charges it when she can. The weather was cold though. It was in the 50's this whole week and VERY windy. We brought our winter coats and hit the boardwalk for some mid- week pictures and salt air.

Yes, she was dancing....she LOVES the beach!
 So in 4 days we got to eat the best food, shop in the best stores, and enjoy some of the best family time.
We shopped in some of the 130 name brand OUTLET stores here. I got some great bargains at Gap and Gymboree for M at outlet prices. Not to mention my great deals at Ann Taylor, Gap and Old Navy. We ate some greasy food. The famous Grotto's Pizza that uses sharp white cheddar on their a family favorite.

We ended tonight with some coloring at the house with YaYa. Madeline sported her new candy cane antlers
that she got from Old Navy. They make me laugh!

Hope everyone had a good week! Back home we go to greet daddy tomorrow!

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  1. She's looking great! I am glad that her cough is clearing up!I didn't realize that you got married at the beach!


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