Saturday, November 13

A First.

Life is really fun when you are leading your child through their "firsts" in everything. Like today- Madeline got her 1st haircut. It was a much needed one really but I had been dreading her possible reaction to getting her haircut and the thought of trimming those long locks of hair. Today though, it looked plain CRAZY and Jack and I convinced ourselves that now was the time to trim her up!

CRAZY hair (before)

LONG hair (before)

We walked into a local BUBBLES Salon near our house. We were lucky to get a woman who has worked with toddlers before. Infact, she mentioned she cut an eight month old's hair last week?! Can you believe an eight month old has enough hair for a trim?!

Just in case of the unknown, we brought our portable DVD player with a Blue's Clues DVD to set up and play while the whole haircutting fiasco would go down. Or so we thought- but really, Madeline didn't need much of the DVD player. She was more interested in watching herself in the mirror while the stylist cut it. She also wanted to hold her hammer the ENTIRE time. Not sure what that was about- may have to ask her!

View from the mirror
The stylist saved a lock of hair for us and  I even brought a ziploc bag for this special mommy moment. Those curls that Madeline sports so well came back even more with a few cuts. Love that gene passed from daddy....and all that hair you can credit to mommy.

Daddy, Madeline, and Stylist
ALL DONE! (Mommy= camera woman)

So, we walked out of there with a happy toddler and a nice do!Thank goodess! Whew! This is just another memory to add to mommy's list. Just another first for Madeline...


the back....

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  1. I like the flip that she has at the end! SO cute! Glad that she didn't flip out! I need a trim before Thanksgiving!


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