Sunday, November 21

SUPER Yogurt

We made a trip out to Trader Joe's last night. Jack and I love their Cabernet Savignon made by Charles Shaw. We usually get a case of it at $3.50 per bottle...which is not too shabby. Especially since Jack and I can kick a half a bottle to a whole bottle over dinner at least 3-4 nights a week. It's not a great habit but, we LOVE our  RED wine. Charles Shaw is not only cheap, but it tastes so darn GOOD.

While we were there, we had to walk the aisles of Trader Joe' see if there were any good buys. While strolling I found a Greek Yogurt made by Trader Joe's. It is a CF mama's DREAM!!! The nutritional facts show a WHOPPING 300 calories with 16g of fat per serving. Not to mention that it also is a great source of protein with 11g. One serving is only 8oz.

Crazy nutritional facts...

Needless to say I was skeptical, after buying one....wondering if Madeline would like it. Sunday morning came and... man, she LOVED it. I tried a taste for myself and boy, you can taste the heaviness to this yogurt!
It is now my chosen yogurt for her. I cannot wait to go buy more. I know they also make it in a "honey" flavor...

A fellow blogger, Jen...made a posting recently about some high calorie yogurts and can check it out on Jen's page by clicking------->here. She got me started on this HIGH CALORIE search! :)

Anyone else got some high calorie/fat food they would like to share with other CF mama's? I am always looking for more toddlers likes and dislikes change very quickly! Please share!!!

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