Saturday, August 21

Grandma and Grandpa Visit!

So, this weekend Jack's parents drove down from Rochester, New York to see Madeline and the family. They came to visit us earlier in the summer, and this was another time this summer that they could make the drive. It is never an easy trip for anyone considering that is over 8 hours of driving. But, we are so very happy when they can come visit because we don't see them often due to the long drives and many states apart. We haven't tried to head up north to see them at their house because of the young age of Madeline and all the equipment, meds, and noticeably LONG hours on the road with a toddler!

I had a chance to capture some great pictures of Madeline with them today. Grandma and Grandpa brought Madeline a "Built Your Own Fort" toy. It came with "tinker toy looking" balls and sticks to connect in order to build a fort. Along with it, they gave Madeline 3 flannel blankets to use to cover the fort with. Madeline had a blast with her fort once she got use to it and began bringing all of her toys in there to pay. Everyone ended up playing "peek-a-boo" once Madeline got in.

We also went to a small botanical garden that surrounds where our townhouses are. The "Winkler Botanical Reserve" was a fun place for everyone to go today. We took Madeline in the jogging stroller and walked much of the paths through the gardens. On the way we discovered a pond, lodge, gardens, and even a few butterflies.

All in all, it's been a great day. Madeline is so lucky that both sets of her grandparents have been so instrumental in her life. Even though, we may not get to see Jack's parents alot is so obvious that she cherishes them just as much. (My parents are only 2 hours away so we see them almost every 2 weeks.)

Grandparents are just those really special people that we all wish we have them

in our lives ....forever.

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