Thursday, August 19

Happy 1 Year and a Half!!!!

So Madeline turned 1.5 years today. Somedays it is so WILD to think she has been in our lives for even a year. She is just growing so fast and we marvel at every new thing she learns to do in this world.

Today she picked up a pen and tried to draw with it. Who knew that she would understand what pen is for, and then to actually do it? In the bath tonight she yelled "baba" when we used a plastic cup to get shampoo out of her eyes. Who knew that she understood that this red thing was a cup (or "baba" as she calls it) which looks NOTHING like her sippy cups. Not to mention that she tried to drink out of it. Who knew that after giving her a cupcake for her 18 month birthday tonight, that she would say "ummm goooood." Who knew that she even knew those words, what they mean, and how to say them???
Who knew that my little girl is growing up so fast before my eyes?

She is my everything and I love her so much....

Who knew that TODAY would be the "birthday" that she would finally pick up a piece of cake (or a cupcake) and actually touch it AND....let alone ....TASTE it! (This is my little girl who would not touch her 1st year cake, any ice cream, or cupcakes. way. )
Today was the day all 3 of us could sit around the dining room table to celebrate, laugh, and enjoy the comfort of our family. Laughter filled the room during all the photos. These are the moments that we all forget about CF....

Even if is for just a few's these memories that keep us ALL going.
Happy Birthday Madeline!

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