Tuesday, August 24

Madeline as the Artist

Over the weekend, we introduced Madeline again (3rd try) to crayons. In the past few months we tried a few times to get her use to them. At first she would eat them, lick them (haha!), study them, or just plain throw them. She didn't seem to "get" what they were for until now.
Before,we showed her how crayons were properly used but she just was not ready.
After this weekend, Madeline has found a new love, coloring or should we say scribbling?! She grunts, claps, and steps back to see what the crayon colors do to the paper. It is amazing to watch her marvel in using them.

After realizing her love for crayons (meaning that she drags out the paper and begs for the crayons every day since!), I went out and bought a Fisher Price "doodler". It came with a "pen" connected to the board. It uses magnets to show markings on the doodler.

She carries it around with her by holding the pen and dragging the doodler connected to it. She claps in excitement when she scribbles and then offers the "pen" to Jack or myself. She watches carefully to see what we scribble.

It is amazing to watch her grow these days. Coloring or scribbling seems to be a new found wonder for her.

I love to watch the excitement in her eyes. I just love her so much.

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