Thursday, July 22

My "Little Hero"

I know many families in the CF Community have already taken advantage
of this great opportunity but, I just learned about it recently.

"Inspiration Through Art" formerly known as the Littlest Heroes Project,
has accepted our application!

What does this mean?

This project calls for volunteer photographers from around the country
to take pictures of children that are battling specific illnesses for FREE!
(You can click the title of this post "My Little Hero" and it will link
you to the project's website!)

If you haven't heard of the project, I highly recommend that you apply
online at the website. They will notify you within 24 hours if you are
accepted (which cfer's are- really a no brainer!) and then you are able
to choose a photographer in your area from there list. You pick your top
2 people, and very quickly they will get you in touch with one of those

This is such a special project and I very vhonored to meet one of
these special photographers that devote their time and passion to capture
our child's special moments for free.

It takes a BIG heart to give back in your community and Amanda
Berke is just the one that will take those special pictures for our family.

If you get a chance, check out her amazing work online. We feel blessed
to have the chance to meet her for our session as she was our #1 pick!

Pass the word about this amazing project...and accept this as a gift
from some of these amazing photograpthers....

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  1. Ohhh this is very cool! Thanks for sharing.


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