Wednesday, July 21

Everyone should have a "Sprout Spout!"

So I stumbled upon this "nifty" thing in Babies R Us the other day.
I may be behind the forgive me for getting excited if this is an item
that many of you may already know about or own.

They call them "sprout spouts" and they attach to traditional water of juice bottle. They come with an adapter that is blue (for standard water bottles) or yellow (for large neck juice bottles).

The best part is.....

THEY DON'T SPILL once they are attached. There is a "no drip" feature on them.

This is huge since my 17 month old loves to shake things, turn them upside down, and throw them across the room.
(I guess you could call this good cause and effect!)

Whatever the case...I LOVE this product.

Let me explain....

So Madeline has been on Pediasure for months after she stopped formula at
a year.She refuses to take Pediasure out of anything other than a bottle.
I have tried sippy cups, straws, etc. She will use those cups for other things
but, she will not drink Pediasure out of them.

The other wierd part is that Madeline makes ME hold her bottle.

But today SHE held the water bottle with this "sprout spout"
I can pour the Pediasure into an empty water bottles and "TA-DA"...
she may just drink! (It mimics a nipple but is more of a hard"spout"
that is narrower so toddlers can control the flow!)

M is also a HUGE fan of water. So this easily adapts to standard
water bottles. This is one neat tool that I can carry in my mama purse
(it is small!) AND you can sterilize it (I did that earlier).

I can purchase juice or water at any store and simply attach
this great "sprout spout."

Anything "simplified" in a cfer's life is great...even if it isn't directly
related to CF.

So, I highly recommend this "sprout spout" to all you mamas out there....

Maybe then you will see just HOW exciting these silly things can make a mama!


  1. OMG I am going there TOMORROW to buy one of these! SO cool!

  2. My son drinks pediasure, too. Does this fit the pediasure bottle?


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