Friday, July 16

Flash Me Friday: ART

So I jumped on the bandwagon and am ready for Flash Me Fridays....

We are curently living in a rental townhouse until our home sells so
I didn't feel great taking photos of our "living space" since I don't really
consider it "ours" or what I really want as "our space."

Art on the otherhand, I can totally embrace as part of "our living space."

This picture was a college graduation gift from my grandmother (who I
adored). I picked it out myself and cannot even say that I like martinis
at all. In fact, when I decided on the picture I had never tried
one in my life.

I think the best part of the picture is the color schemes. It also makes me
of good times talking with friends over a drink. The picture has been hung
in 4 different houses of ours (due to military moves) and it always hangs
well in "social areas."

Cannot wait to see everyones ART......

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