Thursday, July 15

Juice Box Madness

So, I gave M her first juice box today to see how that would go.

Do I need to say more? (LOL!)
She learned how to drink from a straw weeks ago( my earlier posts)
and I thought it may be fun to see what would do.

Thank goodness we did it in the kitchen! The floor stayed a little sticky
even after some thorough mopping.

She figured out how to use the juice box (correctly) then decided it was
more fun to use it as a water gun with fruit juice inside.

Jack and I got some really good laughs out of this whole experience.

It was just one of those moments that you allow yourself and your cf
child to have normal kid moments....

It just doesn't always seem that CF allows for those moments with
your child. Instead, I often get caught up with treatments, and timed
feedings, pushing calories, handwashing, cleaning, sterilizing, and the
list never ends....

It's good to get these laughable moments in and I find myself enjoying
our family like I know I always should (without CF to bring us down)...

It's these memories that I want to last a lifetime.

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