Friday, July 23

Flash Me Friday: Furniture

So, it was really hard to pick what to use for this week's Flash Me! Friday. Does a lamp classify as furniture?

Boring? Right?

Oh well. I really like this odd floor lamp. It was a great Target find when we first moved to DC. We needed a lamp and didn't have any end tables
that would look right with our sectional...

So....we bought this!

The best part about it was that it was under $50 and it has small shelves that can store things.

We keep Madeline's shoes on one of the shelves. She enjoys going to get her "shhhoooos" when we tell her we are getting in the car or going for a walk. The shelves are reachable for her.

And of course, a great place for those coasters that we use to put our first drinks of the night on the coffee tables once M goes to bed for the night.

This lamp is really a symbol of how it serves our whole family quite well!

(Plus, it is also pretty cool to look at!)

Can't wait to see everyone's flash this week!

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