Tuesday, July 27

Go! Go! Go!

As Madeline would say " go, go, go!"

That is what we do every afternoon between 5 and 5:30pm.
We "go" to see Dada in her little tikes red car.

I bought the car on a whim a month or so ago and thought...
what the heck....she is too young for a real bike.

I also have been eyeing this car since I was a young age.
In fact, this was the only thing I asked for every Christmas
and birthday..but never got. (what a brat!) But, for some
reason I always wanted one.

Well, Madeline got one when I was shopping in Target that day.

Ever since that day...she has loved it.

She runs to get in it between treatments and feedings.
She sits in it for minutes on end waiting for someone to
take her out. She has learned how to close the door, get in it
herself by crawling in and turning around (huge deal!), and
how to say "go, go, go!" once she is set.

Since our house is still on the market in Chesapeake, VA we
are living in a townhouse on the outskirts of DC. Luckily, we
were able to rent a house only half a mile from Jack's new job.

So, Madeline and I have a tradition that I walk and she rides
(in her car) to meet Dada as he steps out of his office building.
Madeline has gotten so smart that she knows if I made a
"different" turn or go a long way...that it is not a good way to
meet Dada. She often screams or cries as soon as do this.

Sometimes I take a detour just to make a mail stop or enjoy
more time walking....she is NOT a fan.

Whatever the case...here is our photo slide show of meeting
Dada yesterday as she rode in her car.

The best part- her "squeal" of delight when dada rounds the corner
from the building. (Too bad this happens often since most men
leaving during that time are dressed in suits and ties) She has
learned to wait for Jack to get close before she lets out that BIG
squeal...(followed by "dada!"just too many dada look alikes...

This is just one of our simple pleasures in life. It stinks that our house
hasn't sold, that we are loosing money, that the townhouse is small,
but, it is WONDERFUL that every evening we both get to take part
in our routine of meeting that special guy in our life...as he leaves
for work and gets to enjoy his family on the way home!


  1. Too stinkin' cute! We got one of these for our oldest when she was just over a year and it has been a hit with all three of our kids. The only down fall for Bryce is that ours is pink and purple...life with 2 older sisters!

  2. This is too cute for words, almost made my cry! I love this post!


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