Monday, August 2

Camera- less

So, I have been horrible about updating the blog. My biggest excuse it that the lens on my Nikon D40 broke. My camera is almost like my best friend. I may not be great at photo taking but, I sure love having my camera around and for the past few weeks I have felt almost....NAKED! I tried resorting back to my cheap pocket size digital camera but it just wasn't cutting it. Capturing the toddler years with no shutter is just plain NO GOOD. And really what is blogging without some good pictures.??...

On another note, Jack and I spent(or should I say Jack since he did most of the labor) the weekend emptying all of our crap (for lack of a better word) from the storage unit into our garage at the rental townhouse. Paying $375 bucks a month to store stuff is just not cool. So, our car lost its garage and we managed to cram every piece of junk that we own into that 1 car garage. I am not sure how it fit. But it just did. I cannot even begin to think of moving all this junk once we sell our house and have to leave the rental. The thought of moving makes me want to vomit. Since our engagement into our marriage we have lived in four different states in just 5 years. That is 5 moves total and I am so over it. Thank goodness the navy life is over...but now dealing with the "transition" hasn't been the easiest in a poor housing market.

In our moving this weekend, we came across some useful stuff. We pulled out a high chair that was given to us from Jack's grandparents after their passing. Jack's father used it as a toddler.My mom made a special custom cushion for it and tonight was the first night we tried it at the table. Madeline loved it and enjoyed the feeling of sitting in a "chair" like the rest of us at the table. It is the perfect height and her pudgy self (weighing in at 29lbs) fits quite snug in the chair. I am glad we didn't wait too long or she would have outgrown it.

Camera less is okay because today I got the "go ahead" to order a new (and better lens) from B and H Photo online. Hopefully my new lens which zooms in closer should be here by the end of the week. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one...only because I just may feel like my self and all.

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  1. I love that darling chair! I'd love one for our boys! So cute!


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