Wednesday, June 30

Grateful...I am

(RED FOR CONNER PIC! )Today was a chaotic day. M and I met with a friend and her daughter in downtown Alexandria. We did the shopping bit followed by coffee. She is an amazing friend in that she understands how important honesty is. She tells me if her 10 month old, Sylvia is showing signs of a running nose, coughing, etc. She is so aware and honestly, it is so hard to find true friends that understand this disease. Of course, I am frank with her about Madeline and any possible illnesses that she may be developing. We both understand and appreciate "the better safe than sorry attitude". This makes it so nice that we are willing to pass up a lunch play date or a walk in the park to just plain protect our daughters. I wish there were more friends in the world like this. For this, I am grateful.

I also had an appointment with my primary doctor. Just two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. It's a long one I know..and sounds intimidating. I was shell shocked after routine blood work came back with this crazy sounding disease. But regardless, I was again grateful. Grateful that now there was a reason in 7 months I had gained 25 lbs for no apparent reason, grateful that my feelings of depression weren't because of Madeline's CF or my husband's new job. Or even my new duty as a SAHM versus a elementary teacher for 10 long years. So today was the day I got to talk to my doctor and express in 2 weeks time how this medication had already improved my mental and physical state. I was grateful for the protocol and how I am not quite where I need to be with these disease but that with fine tweaking of the right dosage of pills I should be on my way to a healthier, thinner, and happier me. Finally, I am grateful to find me again. The me, that I wasn't entirely sure I lost because of all the other stresses in life hid it. Again, grateful for good doctors. Not to mention my daughter who sat through 90 minutes of doctor talks, tests, and more lab results today in a stroller. She braved it so well and the doctor was tickled at how great she was. "I wish all my patients children were as great as she is." That is my girl. I am such a proud mama. I walked to my car, again grateful for my little girl and just how patient she really is.

Grateful, that I was able to keep Connor and the Jones Family in my thoughts today. Madeline and I wore red all day and told many friends his story. Everyone needs awareness of CF and then they seem to totally embrace you. I wish there was more awareness to spread like salt does out of a shaker on the whole world. We all need a little of it. Grateful that Connor is at peace with his easier breathing and that Sarah said "the service was absolutely beautiful."

Grateful for my little girl and her strength. Grateful for this AMAZING Cf community that allows me to be a stronger mother and wife. I am not sure what I would do without all of you. Thank you. I am so grateful today....

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  1. Having those friends that "get it" is priceless. I have a few and I cherish them! I have family that doesn't even "get it". Hope you guys have a lovely day.


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