Saturday, July 3

Salt air

We made it to the beach! M and I left for the Delaware beaches on Thursday to enjoy some time with my parents at their beach house, and with my brother, his fiance and the rest of my dad's side of the family. The 4th has always been one of the biggest holidays of the year for us. We were able to beat the traffic and Jack came down yesterday after work. It's such a great feeling breathing in the salt air. It's moments like this that I want to be a sandcrab and dig a hole for myself in the sand and live here for an eternity. The beach always relaxes me in ways I never know how. Just the smell, the air, the salt, everything in me. Every since my parents and grandparents had a house here it has always been "my hometown" eventhough I didn't go to school here. I spent so many summers here, worked 2 jobs, and met so many amazing people that have become some of my best friends. I can only hope that Madeline finds something like this to relax her- whether it be the beach or another place. Everyone needs that "thing" that allows them to just take a breath and relax. I hadn't been here in so long that I forgot what it truly does to me and my soul. Madeline took her first steps in the sand yesterday. Jack and I went down around 5pm (after the sun had gone down) and snapped some photos. The weekend has just begun, the family has just started to roll in, and my soul has started to finally breathe for awhile. Cannot wait for the memories to unfold and us all to enjoy time with each other. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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