Tuesday, June 29

Happy Feet

Happy Feet, the movie reminds me of my little girl. Today she amazed me- kinda like she just does most days. She discovers new ways in which her body works and she marvels in them. Sometimes I wonder if CF children were blessed by god with a true appreciation for life. It seems like they ALL carry some of that on their shoulders where ever they go. Madeline is no exception. She marvels in small things. The wind hitting her face = a high pitch scream and smile. She claps her hands harder when she happy- almost til they turn red. She hugs her daddy's legs and pushes her head into them to show how thankful she is for him. She allows herself to fall into the sofa pillows face first and giggles at the feeling. She teaches me every day about the small things and today was no exception.

Rewind about 2 months ago, I heard about this company called http://www.pediped.com/. They make the best infant to toddler shoes you could ever imagine. Yes, they are pricey but as a first time mom, I want her walking experiences to be comfortable and enjoyable. So, I joined the bandwagon and gave these people $60 of my money so I could have what they said was the BEST 2 pairs of shoes. $30 of that went to the first pair of shoes for Madeline's 1st time walking. They were soft soled leather mary janes. I swear once they arrived I put them on and the child walked within days. They were soft and light plus beyond comfortable. This really was what I wanted for M- something to make walking nice. So my money went to something that proved to go well for M. I was so pleased, so I bought another pair. This time, I bought a hard soled sandal shoe. It was one size bigger so once she outgrew the other pair I would have another kind by the same company. These sandals were heavier but still promised to bring satisfaction. They have memory foam in the sole. Yes, I know...what was I thinking? But really, what CF mom doesn't try to make life the best for their child since they know that life isn't always pleasant for them on the breathing side?! Plus, they were super cute with some bling, bling gems on them.

So finally she outgrew the soft leather soled shoes and today I put on the new bling bling ones. I was hoping for more of the same parent and Madeline satisfaction that I had with the previous ones. I put them on the kitchen. She sat on the counter and and I carefully strapped them on. She stared at them for minutes I know thinking...."what is this?"....And like she often says...."shhhhhuuuuz...(shoes)" was repeated over and over. So, she understood these were hers. I placed her on the kitchen floor so we could make our way outside. I turned around to hear tap, tap, tap..and the tapping kept going. I raced for my phone to record what I saw. Madeline was almost tap dancing in her brand new shoes. I smiled so big for so many minutes. I watched her marvel in the sounds that her new shoes could make. I laughed as she got so much satisfaction from learning about her feet and what they could do. These are the moments that I know CF can never take away. My child has such a love for life and learning. She blesses me everyday...even with her new shoes. (Now Madeline likes to tap with just her feet too!)

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  1. Youre daughter and you are BEAUTIFUL!!
    Thank you for commenting, I will be sure to post a link to your blog to let other CF mommas know about you!! <3
    And thank you for all your wonderful words!


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