Thursday, May 13

Walking world here we come.....

So Madeline officially started walking on May 2nd. We were able to capture it on our home video camera. It's amazing in moments like that to watch your own child learn to do things that you take for granted. Watching Madeline grow has been one life 's most valued treasure. Every night I stare at the newborn photos of Madeline hanging above our bed and remember the tiny 6lb child that was starving to thrive...and then in moments I stare at our daughter climbing steps, drinking from a sippy cup, saying "mama, mama, mama"and I realize how far she has come. Maybe just how far we ALL have come. She is the what the world created to become the unbelieveable and the triumphant. She marvels in picking new yellow pansies, idolizing her sippy cup, sharing her toothy grin with strangers, and taking her own steps forward. Madeline loves walking and has been parading her newest feat daily. She traces her steps around and around in circles in the room. Sometimes she lets out a high pitch scream which shows she is truly proud of herself and her feat. She is an example of a little girl you appreciates the small things in life. I think M will continue to teach us all about what really matters...especially her mommy.

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