Tuesday, April 20

My realization

I was very hesitant to create a blog for fear of what thought might come out on paper. Sometimes CF brings so many RAW emotions to your mind that it can be hard to think through them especially since writing them allows you to relive those same emotions that were on your mind again. Except this time, they are written on paper for the world to see. I think the reality of all of this is that EVERY MOTHER of a CF child feels all the emotions of anger, frustration, depression, anxiety..and the list goes on. So, I am not alone in my feelings. It was this realization that I have begun to think through....and brings me here to my own blog. Writing has always been an outlet for me to sift through emotions but, writing about CF and Madeline never was something that I could bring myself to do. In creating this blog, I hope that I can feel amongst the other CF mothers and understand that coming to terms with my emotions about CF is okay. I am going to begin this process and only hope that it has a postive effect.


  1. Hi Sandy,
    I'm a CF mom too! Madeline is adorable. So happy for you that you are able to stay home with her. My son is 26 now. Time flies. I still have trouble coming to terms with the emotions of all this ;). Good for you for being able to write about it all. I don't blog very often but I want to remember things so I try to put it down sometimes.
    Blessings to your family,

  2. Sandy, So glad to see that you are blogging! I haven't blogged in quite a few months, just because life have been so busy. It is great to be able to express your feelings to people who actually understand your world. Blessings to you, Jack & Madeline!


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