Saturday, June 26


I am truly OVERWHELMED by the CF community. I think I am left almost speechless. I have been reading everyone's blogs for an eternity on here. I have been struggling (as noted in earlier posts to share and start a blog.) I have, I guess- been hiding in my own shell. Maybe I wasn't ready to share my emotions for CF with the world? Or was it that I was trying to keep my family private? I am not sure who I was kidding really. You ALL have inspired me (Just to name a few, Ronnie, Piper, Sarah, Sarah J, Kayla M, and the list goes on....) to blog, to share, to express, to know that we are all apart of each other's lives. We share so much in common. This horrible disease bends us til we break, crumble, but without each other and our words how we would stand against CF?! I have been lurking in the shadows of ALL of your blogs. At times, I have been wishing that I was braver to share HALF the stories and daily struggles that you all feel and write about daily. I know that CFers, their parents, cousins, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, are all feeling what we all feel at times....raw emotions. What better way for me to share my thoughts too and be apart of such a great online community. So here I am. My name is Sandy and I am honored to read all your stories and share some of your heart wrenching struggles. I have a 16 month old daughter with CF and I love all of you and your words. Thanks for sharing each day with me hence, it provides me with so much strength. I dedicate myself to not just "following" your blogs but, participating in this find some strength and guidance in fighting such a horrible disease such as CF.( I am new to this...bear with me as I find my way around this thing called a "blog". Love to all of you-

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