Tuesday, September 25

"Fancy Nancy" Influences...

When the going is good with CF, life seems so normal...

Sometimes I forget that Madeline has a life- threatening disease because frankly the 2 plus hours we spend doing nebulizers and PT therapy has always been our routine since she was born. When that "usual every day stuff" is the only thing reminding me of Cystic Fibrosis our life feels normal. We have been enjoying every day life lately.. Madeline's health has been great these past 6 months.

It feels great in these times to enjoy the small thing as Madeline grows because sometimes the complications of CF can creep up and overshadow every day life.
Like the other night-
Jack read Madeline a "Fancy Nancy" book (and if you  know this series ....The words and pictures can get VERY fancy.) After Jack read the page below, Madeline wanted to paint her nails black
(as in "velvety black")

                          You can see how Jack reacted to this on his facebook post below.

I am guilty of painting Madeline's nails a few months ago. She now loves to have her nails painted. She loves to pick out the colors and tell me if she wants it on her toes or fingernails. And we have tried almost every color at the local CVS except for....


Honestly, who paints their 3 year old's nails black?! I feel guilty enough introducing her to nail polish at 3 years old but, what mother is okay with painting black??

After repeated requests of "Daddy, Can I get black nail POL-ish?" or "Mama, Can you paint my nails
b-LACK" through the past week I decided that I could do this....

and our whole family could feel okay about painting her nails blackISH.

Today, I announced to Madeline that we could go get black nail polish at the local CVS. She was grinning ear to ear. Once we arrived at CVS we marched straight back to the 99 cents nail polish. I quickly bent over and grabbed what looked like "blackISH" polish.

It looks perfectly black(with multi-colored sparkles), but from previous visits to this store we have bought the same company only to learn that the color actually looks clear on nails. The sparkles are the only color. I was more than pleased with this... and Madeline was jumping at the sight of her  new black nail polish.

She told the cashier that she was buying black nail polish and that she was going to paint all 10 of them black. (Referring to all 10 fingers.) Then,  we came home to paint....

We call it "the new black nail polish with rainbow sprinkles" and it is as far away from black as anything.
But, surpringly she loved it and showed daddy.

"Look at my black nail POL-ish!"

Maybe someday she'll want the true black nail polish....I just hope it's years from now!

(These are the fun moments I want to remember about life...not about her disease...)

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  1. It has been a long time since I've visited your blog!! I just got (mostly) caught up and can so appreciate your posts about feeling pretty "normal" when health is good. Praying that 2013 is just as healthy as 2012 has been! So glad Madeline's health has been so stellar... keep it up!!


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