Thursday, August 2

Cookie Grooving....

We were in the food court of the mall today. Madeline had finished eating her high calorie/ fat chicken nuggets from McDonald's. And as a *reward*, we give her  chocolate chip cookies from McDonald's.  I say "reward" because really that cookie rewards her with the extra fat/calories she needs (she loves COOKIES) and it makes me happy to see her engulf something so fast. (For CF patients, a higher body max index (weight) is linked to higher lung function. We are always trying to find ways to sneak in those high fat foods  to keep her a little chunky.)

She LOVES McDonald's chocolate chip cookies more than any store bought or homemade cookie I have found. .I usually order 3 McDonald's cookies for $1.00 and bribe her with them to have her finish her nuggets.

She finished all the nuggets and I had just given her the cookie...(followed by another cookie- because she asked...) Music videos were playing on the TVs in the mall food court. She does love music.....

This is what happened when the cookies, excitement, and music collided....


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