Sunday, February 5


It goes without saying that after admitting your 2 year old to the hospital for IV antibiotics and then bringing her home to more IV therapy....that some trust tends to slip away from the parent- child relationship that you have. Madeline is no exception to this rule. It's been a bit of a struggle these past few days(after getting the PICC out and ending IV therapy) to gain back a routine for all of us and try to ease the mind of our untrusting 2 year old. Madeline lately has been a little anxious about telling us to "close the door" to her room before bed repetitively for at least 10 times in a row though the door was shut minutes ago.  She is telling us to "put the toys away" (Her language telling us to put away IV bulbs, syringes, etc) even though those haven't been out of her sight in over a week. She is has had difficulty falling asleep  and cries because she is fearful that this "medical lull" is really just a matter of time before we all surround her bed with medicines, syringes, doctors with masks, and countless other medical things that she is now fearful of.

It's no doubt that she is trying to find a way to trust us all again. But between all these "unsteady" and emotional moments of feeling like she is so fearful..... the happy, and energetic Madeline rises to the occasion. We see her laughing, and running, and just enjoying life....and I begin to realize that this period is hard on all of our emotions. We are all having to pick up the pieces and  get back to our "normal" life with little fears and more trust.....And this time proves to be more challenging on me when I see what those 2 weeks of fear dig into her spirit...

I look at her in her "happy and trustful moments" and I see the glow in her eyes and skin. She looks so amazingly healthy and it hard not to see how maybe all of this helped her grow a even chubbier and added a rosiness to her skin. She looked and acted healthy before but, I am amazed at her  2 lbs weight gain in 2 weeks....her body just seems rejuvenated. And I couldn't be more happier with where she is now....and how this may really have been all worth it in the end...(regardless of culture results). Because we all  know that her trust is slowly coming back and her body is now stronger and healthier than ever.....

...and for all of these reasons I am so grateful for her, for everyone and their amazing support through all of this. We thank you all so much for helping us finally get see that GLOW in her face and see
more and more positives effects of everything we all have endured....

So, thank YOU!

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