Monday, February 6

Final Culture Results....

This afternoon we got the call that we have been thinking about since we first started this journey
over a year ago.

"Hi, It's the clinic....I am just calling to let you know that the results are......

negative. They came back normal."

The silence on the phone lasted forever until I had to pinch myself to say  "That's GREAT!" I was fumbling for the right words because really it felt more like a dream that I wished for Madeline years ago when we started this battle. I had been those words my emotions nearly froze.....

and  as soon as I hung up.....

Then, the tears started flowing. It's true that Madeline has been through a lot but, how nice it is to now know that these 2 weeks weren't in vain?!  How nice is it to look over at Madeline after hanging up and feel so much relief for her, for us, and for all that our family has trudged through. It's amazing to look at her and think " YOU DID IT!"  She beat this bug and I am soooo relieved.

And as the plan usually goes with patients that get one negative culture after many positive ones.....
We will return in a month to get one last culture results to be sure that Pseudo hasn't decided to grow back  a little of what wasn't killed off by the IVs. But really that is the least of our worries because I truly believe Madeline has beat this bug off....

And I am sure that this isn't all of the battles that Madeline will face in her life with Cystic Fibrosis but, I know for sure that this is a battle WON for right now.

And I couldn't be ANY happier than that!

She is a painting SUPER STAR!


  1. AHHHH!!!! Fabulous news. Sandy I am soooo happy to hear this! You guys did it. Way to go to the entire family; especially M. Hugs all around!

  2. AMAZING NEWS! I'm so relieved for all of you!!! Big hugs to Madeline for beating that nasty bug!

  3. I am so incredibly happy. I feel like prayers are being answered. Tears are flowing with so much happiness and relief. So proud of all of you! Way to go Madeline. Strong, strong fighter.

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  5. We are so so so happy for you guys! it's very nice to know that everything you guys went through worked and now, she is pseudo free!

  6. Awesome news, I'm so so happy for you guys! We've actually had a negative for soph which is some miracle but we know her fate and that it'll grow again soon but I'm happy that she's managed to kick it to a pulp it's scares to show it's face right now :)

    Anyways words cannot explain the relief I have for you all!

    Much love xx

  7. wonderful. simply wonderful. period. :) with tears.xoxoxox


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