Saturday, January 28

Madeline's Strength

What do you see in these eyes?

I see a little girl who is so very brave and strong. I see my little girl try to smile   through all that she has been through these few weeks. I see a fighter in this disease against Cystic Fibrosis. I see my hero.....

It's true that the last week of being in the hospital has been really hard on her spirit. She is fearful and scared.
She continues to have IV antibiotics pumped through her veins 4 times a day at home leaving her with stomach aches, diarrhea, and a hoarse voice. She is taking more medicines now than I can count and being asked to eat 3 full high fat meals a day to try and gain back the weight she lost in the hospital. She is taking on 3-4 nebulizer treatments a day and using her vest after each treatment. She is expected to take a nap while worrying about what will be next in her unending schedule. She is the best example of what it means to be strong and to continue living and being as happy as you can ....She is doing her best ....

She wears the smiles despite how demanding life can be with this disease. She continues to do amazingly well for all that is being asked of her even though as her mom,  I can tell that all these antibiotics, steroids, and treatments are so demanding on her 2 year old self....

She knows she is strong, she knows she will win, and she knows that so many love her.....
She knows that soon she will get a break in this.
And she (like all of us)  knows that Pseudo won't win in this battle....not if she can help it.


  1. She's just so beautiful!

    You guys are all doing amazing. She may be your hero but you are also most definitely hers Sandy :)
    Much love xx

  2. Blessings to you all. Will be praying for you! Way to go mama. Watching our CF kiddos go through the trials that they do is so very HARD! Hang in there. Tiffany


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