Monday, January 30

In pictures....

Clinic before admission

Waited 7 hours for our room and finally got termporary IV at 10pm
1st night admission

Lots of people to help distract...IPAD helped Madeline cope...

Bubbles with daddy

Head of bed (so much equipment for admission
Heart monitors, oxygen sox, IV pole and pumps, blood pressure cuff..)

Our small and cluttered room

Dollar store pendant I bought before admission to decorate walls...
It helped...the walls and rooms were SOOO drab. Not one picture on the walls)
Bathroom with shower (since we were in an isolation room)

discharge day with nurse, May

Discharge day with 3 of us

1st breakfast since being home

"Oopsie Daisies" gown made for chidren with PICC lines.
So much better than hospital gowns. Highly recommend to other CF mamas
with kids that come home for IVs. They have snaps up and down the sleeves
for easy access and are soft!!! They even come with capes to show your child they are
a SUPER hero! :)

Brave girl doing home IVs

We are nearly 1 day shy of getting rid of this PICC line....another post to come tomorrow about expectations at CF Clinic this Wednesday.....

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  1. Love the pendant! And you, Madeline and your mom look so much alike! Uncanny! And those hospital gowns are awesome!! Thanks!!


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