Thursday, January 12

Culture Results

So apparently, Pseudo didn't get our memo. The memo that said "Stay away!"We all just wish that this stuff would just go away. But it seems apparent that doing a variety of inhaled antibiotics in different combinations is just not kicking Pseudo out of her body. Her culture again came back positive after 3 long months of non-stop inhaled antibiotics. Sigh....

There are no guarantees in this journey. CF is like that. There are no guarantees that doing 2 weeks of IV's in the hospital will even get rid of it. But for Madeline's health we have to at least try to see if it will work. Her lungs deserve that.

And as hard as this journey will be for the next two weeks, we know that it is really our best option right now.

It's hard to admit that you cannot do anything more for your child ...and maybe that is the worst part.

And as emotional as this is, we all know that Madeline is a fighter and together we will do the best we can to get rid of this beast. CF won't win this time if we can help it....


  1. oh that just stinks. Pseudo is just a nasty bug and it needs to leave our little ones alone. I pray that it will leave sweet Madeline and that you know that you are still doing all you can do. Whether that means hospital or not, you are still fighting. Good luck!

  2. GL! Hopefully you just have to do the IV treatment and then its gone. Praying for you all. -Jenn


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