Tuesday, October 18

This and That

Mommy and Madeline are feeling "all better." It's been a crazy few weeks and we weren't sure if Madeline's cough would clear. But, now we can say that she is back to her normal happy-go-lucky self and it makes me so happy to see her feeling better. It was nice to dodge the hospital this time....and we truly appreciate everyone's emails, thoughts, and comments. It means a lot that so many people were thinking of us. So, thank you friends!

Through Madeline's bout of not feeling so hot a few of her fears became exaggerated . Unfortuneatly, those fears include the vaccum, construction equipment, lawn mowers, blow dryers, hand mixers, blenders.....

Well, you get the point! Many household items that are very LOUD! At the sight on these items Madeline screams continously and begins to panic. She cries and basically hyperventilates (and sometimes gags which resulting in throwing up...) Nothing really can calm her until the item is just. plain. out. of. sight. (...and even then it takes TV to make her forget what she just saw/heard). We have had our encounters with some items as grocery stores, while walking outside, or simply playing on her swingset.   It's been a little difficult to clean (vacuum), go outside (surrounded by construction equipment), get ready (blow dryer), or even bake (mixers, blenders)!

So lately Jack and I have found some creative ways to make these things happen without having a hyperventilating toddler. Have you ever blended something in your bedroom? I am hopeful it is phase that will slowly change. But as of now, she is keeping us on our toes!

Updates on her inhaled antibotic coming soon! (we are half way through it!)...


  1. M is looking WAY too grown up Sandy!! And I'm laughing (with you of course)..."Have you ever blended something in your bedroom?" That gave me the giggles. :)

  2. Have you tried headphones or ear plugs that block out the noise? Nate has issues with loud things to but sometimes if we give him headphones or ear plugs he does much better. Jacob hates the vacuum but if I put him on my back in an ergo he does okay. Thanks for sharing.


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