Monday, August 29

Last few moments of summer..

It seems as though the summer has flown by and I have been horrible at updating the blog lately. We have been busy with hurricane warnings...

We faired well through Hurricane Irene and we are very thankful for that. Just days before she arrived we rushed out to try and buy a generator in the area. We actually had to put a deposit on a generator over the phone before it arrived in the store- that is just how SOLD out they were. The store promised a shipment the next day...and sure enough we got a call that our 5500 watt generator that arrived! Lucky for us, we didn't have to use it! Our power stayed on! We had a lot of rain and 50 mph winds but overall no damage. We were very thankful that we live in a new neighborhood with virtually NO trees. After feeling our first earthquake last week and hurricane this week....we have had enough excitement from nature for awhile!

Lot behind our house during the beginning of the storm...

We are getting VERY close to finishing up the TOBI treatments. In two days, we will officially be done with her inhaled TOBI for this cycle. She has done amazingly well with this round and has decided to hold her own nebulizer from time to time. Madeline sounds very hoarse from this round of TOBI  and it seems like her throat might be a bit sore. We have seen these side effects before from TOBI but not as severe. We are very hopeful that this might mean TOBI is working hard at killing off this Pseudo. We return to CF clinic in a few weeks for a new culture and discuss what is "in the plans" for Madeline if she continues to culture this bug. She still looks healthy, displays NO cough, and has enough energy to wear me out from just watching her go.... It is still hard to believe that Pseudo is living  inside her.

Sleeping while being shaken like crazy?!

Since the hurricane has passed we have spent a lot of time outside. The weather here is finally comfortable instead of hot and humid. Madeline loves to pull individual  weeds, wave them in my face, and tell me " look  fower" ( Look a flower!).

 She is also getting better at riding her tricyle that we bought for her on her 2nd birthday. She tends to forget the "steering part" and enjoys looking around as her feet are doing the petaling. She is very intrigued by her feet and how they seem to help "move" the bicycle. She stares at  those pedals as  her feet do the work. Her 2 year old mind looks as though it is contantly trying to figure all of this out.

Steering is not a priority...more things to look at.

Her "fascination face" as she watches her feet push the pedals....

We hope you are enjoying the last few days of your summer....

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  1. Love stinking cute. Glad you guys faired well with all that nature has thrown you lately. :)


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