Tuesday, July 19

"That" time again....

It is that time again...
Today Madeline turns 29 months. She is just one month shy of being  2.5 years. Time is flying by with her but, I must admit that I love watching her act more like a grown child than a baby. She is developing a love for "coloring." Her version of coloring is more like multi-colored hash marks but, she still amazes me. She has a natural grip with the crayon and is able to control her marks very well. She goes through each crayon making a solo mark for every color, lines them up on the table after she is done in order, and cocks her head to the side to see if the mark she made looks right. Moments like these I want to bottle up and keep close to my heart. Her personality develops more every day and it's so interesting to watch...

Colored marks!

Can you tell which crayons she has used? (*Note the ones lined up!)

It's that time again...
CF Clinic for Madeline is on Friday of this week. It's been nearly 8 months since Madeline first cultured Pseudo and I have a hard time thinking about what this new culture will show. We continue to hope that this time might be the "magic" culture that is negative for Pseudo. Whatever the outcome, I know I have little control over it. Madeline continues to look amazingly healthy and happy. We just hope that the doctors at clinic feel the same way.....


  1. What a beautifully written post Sandy, made me quite emotional actually.
    Madeline is so adorable, such a pretty little girl and clearly knows her own mind well.
    Sophie lines up her pens and crayons too!

    I hope and pray that you have good news at clinic and especially with the culture result. I've been in your shoes and am longing that your path is different to ours.

    Positive vibes coming your way.

    I agree, she looks so so well.
    Take care and (hugs) for you.


  2. Sandy....I admire your strength and courage! I don't know how you do it! Madeline is beautiful! You will be in my thoughts and prayers. We are hoping for good news!
    Much love your way....
    Colleen Stringer and Family


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