Friday, July 22


We went to Hopkins this morning to have Madeline checked out and cultured again for Pseudo. Madeline was very happy when we arrived at the clinic. She was jumping up and down in the waiting room, smiling at the nurses, and waving "hi" to the doctor. This was a huge "first" for her. Usually she has screaming fits as soon as she get the first look at the clinic let alone the medical professionals inside. I never blame her though for her screaming fits- She puts up with doctors regularly poking her with needles, pushing on her tummy, swabbing her throat (making her gag), and anything else is up their sleeve. Madeline (and most cfer's) endures more doctor visits and hospitalizations in the first 10 years than probably a healthy child does in the first few years. She was very happy today and that made it a lot easier to endure yet another clinic visit. Every visit marks another reminder of how Madeline's health can be so delicate....

Clinic waiting room...

Daddy and Madeline waiting...

Overall, the check-up went well. The doctor listened to  her lungs and said they sounded "clear." She is in the 79th percentile for weight and 86 percentile for her height. She is bound to be one tall girl since she nearly grew an inch in 2 months! We were pleased that she seems to growing and gaining weight well.

We are hopeful that in the coming months we can encourage her to drink milk. The clinic was a little worried about her calcium intake. Even though Madeline does eat yogurt for breakfast, it seems as though this is not enough calcium for her at this age. We have tried to flavor her milk or offer it in different sippy cups but it has never worked. She simply just pushes it away. Madeline enjoys drinking water with EVERY MEAL. Water is simply her drink of choice. I am hoping that over time we can change this. :)

As far as Pseudo goes...her culture results will come back sometime next week. I will update as I find out the results. We are hoping for the best, but truly expecting to see Pseudo show it's ugly self. Many thanks to everyone who has posted encouraging comments on facebook and our blog. We truly appreciate all your thoughts. Your comments help keep us going!!!!

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  1. An inch in two months...very impressive! Praying for clear culture results. Love seeing pictures of your cutie pie. :)


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