Tuesday, May 10


Tomorrow is the last day for this photo contest we are entered it. I know you are sick and tired of hearing me ask for your votes but we need all of them to stay in the lead. We have been going back and forth with another contestant.

If you haven't voted- please do! I promise to stop bugging you by 5pm tomorrow.

Here is ALL you have to do: We still need your help! We are in2nd place for this photo contest but could be in 1st. Voting ends at 5pm tomorrow.
All you have to do is-

Login to facebook.

Type in Stanley Martin Homes in the top window.

When you get to the stanley martin page click the LIKE button the top of the page.

Click on "wall" on the left side.

Then find "hit me with your best shot"....and click the link

Find the photo with the little girls room! That is Madeline's room (our 2 year old cfer!)

We need everyone's vote!!! Le tme know if you cannot vote. I would love to give you more directions!

Thanks again!
Thanks so much for all your help. It means a lot to us!!!! Pass on the word!

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  1. Hey! I commented and clicked like. Is that how I vote? I love your pic and it's not just because you are my friend!


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