Saturday, May 7

Photo Contest

So, we recently entered a photo contest on facebook through the builder of our new house. They are offering customers to post a photo of a feature in their house that they love. We choose to enter Madeline's room in the contest and we need your help. As of Saturday, we are in the #1 slot but we need your help to stay there. There are a few photos that are trailing us and may take the lead if we don't get more votes.

In the past two months we have spent time organizing and coordinating Madeline's room. We thought it would be a perfect room for the photo contest. No we just need your help!!!

If you have a facebook account just  follow these easy steps:

Follow this link ------->here.
Then, log in to your facebook account at the top of the page.
Then click the "like" under the photo.


Thanks so much to all of you that have helped us get this far! We feel so lucky and are hopeful that we can make it even father in this contest. Please support us!

We thank you so much!!!

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