Saturday, April 30


After a day and a half of non-stop work between my dad and Jack....Madeline has a swing set!

We ordered the set a few weeks ago after touring a few companies play sets.
This set seems to offer the best price, size for our yard, and play items. We
wanted somethingthat Madeline would enjoy but, we also didn't want it to
 consume our backyard. So we endedup with the modest set and, I have to
say I am very happy with it.

We let Madeline run into the yard to find....a SWING SET....

Taking it ALL in.....
She was surprised...and EXCITED!

Did I mention that Madeline loves to swing? When you say the word "swing"
or ask her if she ever wants to "swing" she immediately gets up from whatever
 she is doing and starts jumping with excitement. It's very funny and cute at
 the same time. It is surely one of her favorite things to do. So, this swing set
made her VERY happy.

Ready to go!

The treehouse was a huge hit too. She enjoyed bringing out all her blocks and
building on the treehouse while the sun set.

Building on the treehouse...

We are really beginning to feel settled into our new house and yard. We
have dreamt for years of having a yard and a swing set for Madeline to
play in. After 4 moves in 5 years and  a crazy military lifestyle, it was all
worth it in the end for something great like this. Finally life has settled
down for us and this swing set was a small reminder of how our life is
 finally stabilizing.


  1. Love it! We're getting a swing set soon for Brady and we can't wait for him to play on it too! She's adorable and it's nice to see such bright faces!

  2. That looks fun, we are going to look for a swing set for Zoey this year I hope, maybe next. Madeline looks very happy.


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